— Deep in our hearts, a sea filled with passion this golden river is our Eros.

Kostis Palamas


Serenity River Villa is a villa in Palaiochora, in Chania, Crete, a Greek island of mythical landscapes and wondrous beaches.

Serenity River Villa is a newly constructed villa and it is located in Chania, at the picturesque village of Kakodiki, within walking distance of Paleochora. Our luxury villa, intended for guests with high aesthetics, that are looking for a private retreat, is designed to offer them a unique and peaceful vacation with moments of relaxation like enjoying the magnificent Cretan nature with its varied vegetation (sycamores, eucalyptus, myrtles, olive trees), listening to the chirping of birds and to the gurgling of river water. 

The luxury, the uniqueness of the setting and the countless services, give you the opportunity to plan your vacation in our villa in Kakodiki at the settlement of Sfakos.


The Villa Serenity River Villa consists of 2 floors with the possibility of separating one floor from the other and it is located in a 4000 m2 estate , with the southern side ending just ten meters away from the river. The location is filled with olive trees and a variety of fruit trees. It is also surrounded by large yards, stone-built walls and as a result the visitor has absolute privacy and a sense of security.

Olive trees, decorative plants, an arbor, a flower bed of aromatic herbs , fruit trees (apples, pomegranates, prickly pears, cherries, oranges, etc.), complement the visitor’s connection with nature for the most incredible feeling of wellness and relaxation.

The environment is enchanting.

The walk by the river will remain an unforgettable experience.


The Location Paleochora is a seaside town which is located on the southwest coast of Crete at a distance of 70 km from Chania and 200 km from Heraklion. It is washed by the Libyan Sea and is rightly called the “Nymph of the Libyan Sea” and the “Land of the Sun”, as it is considered one of the most important summer resorts of the town.

Our villa is 10 km from the coastal town of Paleochora as well as 5 km from the historical village “Kandano”, in a particularly beautiful village which is called Kakodiki.

Beaches & Landmarks

The city of Chania, the most beautiful city of Crete stands out for its charm, its nobility and its history.

The old port with the picturesque beach and the imposing Egyptian lighthouse, the trademark of the city, Neoria, the Great Arsenal and the squared of “Splantzia” are some of the greatest attractions of Chania.

The historical Municipal Market is a popular meeting point for residents and visitors, where you will enjoy local delicacies in a feast of colors and aromas!